Session Five

When the Group arrived at the Spartan's encampment. They actually found that they'd found refuge in an abondoned hatch. It was in fact Hatch #3, the spartan's had already completely scavanged the hatch however.

John told the group where they could go to rest and sleep for the night and informed them that he'd be requiring their assistance in the morning.

Before heading to bed however, Jeremiah and Markas saw it fit to try their hand at gambling in the bar in order to try and win some new pieces of equipment. This proved to be a very profitable choice for them, winning them several useful accessories.

The next morning however, they were awoken by kane, one of the spartan units who was more adept in fighting than most of the others. He told them that John was wanting to see them in an armory.

When they arrived in the armory, they were presented with several diffrent weapons and chips with which they could borrow for the day. However they were required to do a small favor for John and the other spartans. He needed them to take out a comm tower inside of an Enclave outpost. They reluctantly accepted the mission at first not knowing fully what they were to be expecting inside the outpost.

The group was then informed that there were some people from the same group as Ixis that were going to be present in the outpost. This did shake the group a little but they seemed reluctant to decline the spartan's offer. Seeing how taking a boat from the Enclave would most likely be the only way off of the island they're stuck on.

The plan was to have Dominique, Jeremiah and Markas infiltrate the outpost and knock out the comm tower there before the spartans came in. IF a report were to be sent out that spartans were involved in the battle, then the enclave would likely show up to the outpost in full force and much faster than anyone could hope to attempt to run from.

When they arrived at the outpost they were encountered by people who were using camoflouge, when they thought they'd finally hit the people they'd manage to avert their attention and slip away in some way or another. After quiet a while of playing around with the camoflauged soldiers, the group finally decided to end it and killed both of them fairly quickly.

They then went on to the comm tower and planted a bomb inside of it, almost as if the moment the bomb was armed, heavy plated doors began to open up on the sides of the towers as mech-machines came roaring out of the towers and began attacking the group.

As loud and as large as these machines were though, the pilots were very weak in comparison. Jeremiah and Markas climbed inside of one of the machines and began to kill the pilot from the inside. When the pilot was defeated in the first mech, they took it for themselves. Around this time though, an elevator brought up a tank for them to have to deal with. However it was far from a normal tank.

John however, finally showed up with Kane and Sierra at his side and they began to assist the group with fighting the tank.

It took quiet some time but the tanks and the outpost finally did fall. The spartans brought in a group of people in order to salvage what they could of the outpost, and john began to walk off towards the dock talking to Jeremiah, Markas and Dominique.

As they reached the docks John made a proposition to the group. He asked them if they would mind if he and his group accompanied them on their boat and perhaps even worked with their group in order to remain hidden from the Enclave and to help in their own way of making the world a better place.

When this offer was made, the group quickly and gladly accepted his offer and told him to feel free to do so. John then informed them that then he would tell his group to load up all of their equipment and supplies onto the boat instead of taking over the outpost. He also informed the group that they would be allowed to buy any of their equipment and any of their supplies at a lower price than normal and he also explained a great deal of other things that they could do to the boat in order to help gain money and increase its defenses.

John also informed the group that it would take two days for them to get the boat prepared for departure… 

Session Three Point Five

After meeting up with the Crimson Dragoons, they agreed to help release the Regiment from under Enclave control. In return they were promised some new members into the Crimson Dragoons. The Crimson Dragoons required that the group did not go with them as they attacked the enclave guarding the hatch, as they did not want them to find out too much on their technology and advancements until they're better trusted members of the Crimson Dragoons.

At long last, the group had got Regiment #27 free from the enclave. As promised Dominique, Jeremiah and Markas became members right away, and most of the regiment joined up with them as well. Commander Jameson was recongized as a commanding officer inside the Crimson Dragoons as well, seeing how he had come to know much of sending out scout parties and giving orders to many troops, Also he had some combat experiences that are unique to him.

As the next order given to the group, they were to find out what lies outside of area #1. The group had two options, they could either check out a tunnel or a bridge and cross either one to get into a newer territory. They were to make contact with the Crimson Dragoons after entering either new territory.

The group chose to cross the bridge first, taking motorcycles with them as gifts from the crimson dragoons. When they approached the bridge, they questioned it's integrity and stability for it seemed rather broken down. When they climbed up on to the road, they began to hear a strange humming noise, but they continued to cross.

While they were crossing, an aircraft flew overhead of them and began to drop of enclave soldiers. They attacked relentlessly as Markas, Dominique and Jeremiah crossed the bridge. Until they reached the end of the bridge and were beginning to head down the ramp, they were cornered in by two spartan units. All of the enclave gathered around as they prepared to take them into custody as the bridges weight gave way.

The group awoke later to discover that they were in an enclave facility. They were given a slight interegation before being put into dark rooms, there they stayed for a day until they were awaken by several people who began to put them into chambers, they were then forced to sleep, except for markas who managed to fight off the sleeping gas for a little bit to hear the commander and taskmaster of the enclaves facility have a conversation. They then fell asleep.

Session Three

After heading back to Junk Town, they were approached by Sampson Thorne, who informed the group that there was still quiet a bit of things around the town they could attend to in order to gain some money.

They decided to put some of their goods in their house they just earned. Sell off some of the other gear, and got a good amount of money all together. They heard a rumor of one of their Recon Groups being at melody tower however, and began to head back to melody tower.. However before leaving Sampson asked the group to check on the town's Doctor, he believes that there's been some trouble going on in his office.

The group talked with Dr. Graves and found out that the towns been growing with drug addicts. The current ring leader of them all right now was Brock. It wasn't anything major, but he'd been trying to steal from the Doctor and trying to make a deal with him. The group approached Brock and Talked him out of his ways and showed him what it was doing not just to him, but to the rest of the town. Brock swore to not take another drug for the sake of abusing it ever again.

After this the group was approached by a girl named Lucy who said that her parents lived in Melody Tower and that her parents needed to get a letter from her. After a bit more of an extended introduction they found that she ran away from home, but she was plenty old enough to make decisions on her own. They agreed to deliver the letter on their way to Melody Tower.

Session Two

After waiting for the rain to pass, the group headed out into the wasteland desert The sun was bright, the ash storms never stopped and the desert seemed to continue on forever.

After Travelling for around 10 hours, the group finally found a building. They had thought it was the Raider's Armory, however, after entering, they found it looked to be a normal house… and it had no one inside of it.

As they tried to gain access to the houses functions through a terminal they discovered that for one, the place was trapped, this was discovered by one of the terminals exploding. The next thing they discovered was that there was a hidden elevatory.

After heading into the basement, they found plenty of signs of people having lived in the facility. However, none was present. They disarmed trap after trap searching for where the Raiders, weapons or anything could be. What they ended up finding a was a hall full of blood and gore.

After heading down the hall and entering into a room. They faced a room that had blood and bodies all over the place, chains hanging from the ceiling, weapons laying about and explosives scattered against the walls. In the center of the mess of bodies was a man standing with his back turned to the group. He was garbed in a strange Jade colored armor. He was also armed heavily with weapons that seemed to be supperior to any they have ever come across.

Session One

Waking up and looking at the dusky sky, Markas and Jeremiah bring themselves up on to their feet. Knocking the dust off of their gear and looking to the sky and the beauty and clarity it holds, they seem to forget for a moment about all the fighting going on that they’re standing on a battlefield surrounded by many fallen comrades and many more fallen enemies. It was a tough fight, and the victory in this fight seemed significant at first, but after realizing exactly how dire the situation is… it pales in comparison to the reality of things, as it comes back to your mind… Looking down from the sky and to the barren wastes, they see the ground is grey and light brown for as far as the eye can see… thick and covered with ashes, They see see remains of roads, destroyed cars, messed up signs, rubble and debris scattered everywhere. Trees that have long been dead and the only visable buildings are half destroyed. After being in those underground hatches for most of their lives, they have come to the outside world, only to find its worse than the one you left behind.

“So there WERE some soldiers left out here on the battlefield.” Begins a man who can't be seen clearly.  “We thought we found them all earlier, but I guess that our rescue teams weren’t as thorough as we expected.”

The soldiers stands around for a bit seeming a little disoriented. They turn to look athe man, but can't get a glimpse of him.


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