Session One

Waking up and looking at the dusky sky, Markas and Jeremiah bring themselves up on to their feet. Knocking the dust off of their gear and looking to the sky and the beauty and clarity it holds, they seem to forget for a moment about all the fighting going on that they’re standing on a battlefield surrounded by many fallen comrades and many more fallen enemies. It was a tough fight, and the victory in this fight seemed significant at first, but after realizing exactly how dire the situation is… it pales in comparison to the reality of things, as it comes back to your mind… Looking down from the sky and to the barren wastes, they see the ground is grey and light brown for as far as the eye can see… thick and covered with ashes, They see see remains of roads, destroyed cars, messed up signs, rubble and debris scattered everywhere. Trees that have long been dead and the only visable buildings are half destroyed. After being in those underground hatches for most of their lives, they have come to the outside world, only to find its worse than the one you left behind.

“So there WERE some soldiers left out here on the battlefield.” Begins a man who can't be seen clearly.  “We thought we found them all earlier, but I guess that our rescue teams weren’t as thorough as we expected.”

The soldiers stands around for a bit seeming a little disoriented. They turn to look athe man, but can't get a glimpse of him.

“Well, You all seem to be in a bit of a shock. That was a hell of a break through the enemy lines that your squad pulled out. Shame that most of the squad isn’t able to celebrate with you all.” the man says grimly, pointing to the soldiers about your feet. “These were a fine bunch of men and women. May their souls rest in peace. But this job's not over with yet. Without a good source of food, we won’t last long with what supplies we have, and if we don’t get some materials to at least repair the weapons we have right now, than this will have all been for nothing and we’ll end up having to retreat into that vault.”

 Markas, a paladin, and the rogue, Jeremiah, stand before the man in a state of confusion.

"Come on, soldiers. Snap out of it. I need you to say something." Says the man standing before the two soldiers.

 "Who exactly are you supposed to be?" says Jeremiah, after having taken in the sights around him and brushed the dirt off of his clothing.

"Why, I'm your commanding officer, soldier. Commander Jameson.  If you can't remember that, maybe you got hit harder than I thought you did." Jameson says jokingly. Jameson then looks over to the other soldier and says "What about you soldier, you feeling alright?"

Markas looks up to the commander and says "I'm just fine sir, but… who were those people who attacked us?"

Commander Jameson looks down for a moment, then faces Markas and says "Those people who attacked us started this when we opened the Hatch. They attacked without remorse and were ruthless. We lost quite a few men, but we managed to push them off of our hatch. It would seem, though, that they've been trying to get into our hatch for quiet some time now… Just glad they weren't succesful. However, from what we can gather of them so far from recon groups and spies, they're basically people who've decided to take advantage of the horrible shape our world is in. They raid houses, homes, stores, whatever they can find. They make a living by barely scraping by, but they seem to have NO respect for other life. Seeing as how they assaulted us when we opened the hatch."

Both the soldiers look at one another, having gained a deeper understanding of where they stand and say "What would you have us do sir?"

“Now I know that you all may not have asked to be made into soldiers, but in truth, we all agreed that we needed to get out of that hellhole and we all agreed that if we didn’t get more food, we’d be dead before too long. The Hatch just set itself to be able to open only a few years ago, but we voted to wait a while longer before heading out. Now let’s head to our camp. Oh yeah, if you have any questions feel free to ask me now or at the camp.  Whatever is bothering you.”

As they began to walk towards the camp, Markas asks "So, exactly what is going on? and why have we been in the hatch for so long?"

Commander Jameson says "Well soldier, you may have heard about the war from so long ago… The one that left behind so much of this ruin and destruction. It was caused by nuclear blasts… Basically explaining why nothing seems to be growing at all and why this place is mainly barren… We've been in the Hatch for about… 550 years now,  and we've just now stepped out of it… originally the hatch was set to be opened about 5 years ago, however the overseer decided it best to stay inside. After 5 years of debating… we finally saw the overseer for what he really was.. a power hungry diplomat who was trying to keep control over us all. We asked him to step down from his seat of power and restored it to the people of the hatch. since then we've been preparing full throttle for this day… we just didn't expect there to be people trying to kill us."

Jeremiah looks over to the commander and says "So, do you have a clue as to where we are?"

Commander Jameson says "Not in the least, son. I really wish I did, but for now, our survival comes first, and then finding out where we are will come after."

After reaching the camp, Markas and Jeremiah look around and notice that there are several soldiers about talking, chatting and lounging. They’re using tents and sleeping bags to create a makeshift base, though it’s really nothing more than a campsite.

“Alright Soldiers, head over to the quartermaster.  He’ll assign you new weapons. Also I’m giving you all a field promotion. From here on, you’ll be the core of your squad and will serve as a recon and preemptive strike force. Oh yeah, one more thing. You can ask for different weapons and gear other than what’s in the normal Load-outs, just try and make sure you leave some weapons for the rest of us to use.”

Markas and Jeremiah walk up into the tent full of shelves lined with weapons and they notice a rather older man sitting in a chair. “I’m assuming you’re in here for some new weapons? Well what can I get you?” The old man says now looking up at you.

"Well, what all can you give us?" Says Jeremiah looking about the tent and searching the shelves.

"Well, I've got a lot of packages and load-outs that you boys can use. There's the Infantry load-out, the Medic Load-out, the Technician Load-out, Rifleman Load-out, Stealth Load-out, Close-quarters Load-out and our Heavy Load-out. They're all pretty well balanced and their names pretty much describe them fairly well."

 "Is it possible to create our own load-outs?" Says Jeremiah once more.

"Of course it is, but only because you all got a field promotion. You all can create whatever you like using the different choices from each load-out. Just make sure you don't take everything." says the old man in response.

After some time looking about the load-outs and trying to decide what they want, Markas turns to the quartermaster and says "Is this all that we can have? I mean, there's no telling what we could meet out there. We may need more than what we have."

The old man looks a bit concerned, and after a moments thought he looks up to Markas and says "All right, you can each take an extra weapon and some extra bullets with you. You found them on those crazies who attacked us at the hatch if anyone asks you."

o    The Infantry Load-out comes with a 10mm sub-machine gun, Longsword, Combat Knife, 2 Grenades, 1 Stim-pack, 1 Adren-aline, and 150 10mm rounds. Armor: Vault Soldier Uniform
o    The Medic Load-out comes with a 10mm Pistol, .32 Pistol,  Staff/Pole,  5 Stim-Packs, 5 First aid spray, 5 Bandage Wraps, 5 Adren-aline, 5 Med-X, 1 Rad-Away, 10 10mm Rounds, and 10 .32 caliber rounds. Armor: Vault Field Medic Uniform.
o    Technician’s Load-out comes with a .32 Pistol, 2 Grenades, 2 pulse Grenades, 2 Adhesive grenades, 2 Hacking interfaces, 1 Arc light Spanner, 3 Men-tats, 1 Stim-Pack, 1 Active Camouflage disk and 25 .32 caliber rounds. Armor: Vault Technician uniform.
o    Rifleman Load-out comes with a .32 Rifle, 10mm pistol, 1 Flash Bang, 1 Men-tat, 2 Grenades, 1 Stim-Pack, 1 Adren-aline, 35 .32 Caliber rounds, 25 10mm rounds. Armor: Vault Soldier Uniform
o    Stealth Load-out comes with 10mm Silenced Pistol, 2 Combat Knives, 2 Sound dampners, 2 Flash Bangs, 2 Active Camouflage disk, 2 Frag Mines, 1 50ft rope, 1 Lockpick Set and 30 10mm bullets. Armor: Vault Rogue Uniform
o    Close-Quarters Combat Load-out comes with: 1 Sawed-off shotgun, 2 Brass Knuckles, 1 Bastard Sword, 3 Adren-aline, 5 Disposable Daggers, 1 Stim-Pack, 1 Med-X, 20 Shotgun Shells. Armor: Heavy Soldier Uniform
o    Heavy Load-Out comes with: 10mm sub-machine gun, .32 Cal Rifle, 250 10mm round, 80 .32 Cal Rounds, 4 Grenades, 4 Frag Mines, 5 Stim Packs, 5 Mentats, 20 Shotgun shells, 2 First Aid Spray, and 2 spare parts. Armor: Heavy Soldier Uniform.

Markas and Jeremiah choose their weapon load-outs, take their extra weapon, and register them with the Quartermaster. “Well, looks like you’re all set. I guess Commander Jameson will want to be giving you your next orders. I wouldn’t keep him waiting. Every second we stand around here is a second that could be put into gaining more ground for us to stand on.” Exclaims the Quartermaster.

Markas and Jeremiah walk out of the tent, spot the commander and walk up to him.  “Alright, you all look like you’re set. Here, take these.” Jameson says, handing each of you an ammo case and a radio. “Don’t be getting too excited… They’re empty. However, they’re really useful for holding ammo, they barely weigh a pound, and it keeps your ammo very organized.”

Markas and Jeremiah take the items and put them in their bags and then turn to face commander Jameson who's now standing next to a table now. “Now, I’m going to be giving you all your next assignment. It’s night now, and presumably the goons that were fighting us on our way out of the hatch should now all be asleep. No, we’re not going to attack their main hideout, soldiers, but we’re needing food, and getting it while they’re sleeping would be ideal. Now, I have no clue why they’re attacking us, but we’re going to be calling them Raiders. Some of our groups have been watching them, and from what we can tell, they’re scavenging through buildings, getting whatever they need from how they assaulted us and tried to invade the Hatch. We know they’re hostile, but we have no real way of knowing if the entire world is like this, or if it’s just them. We’re not going to let these guys shove us back into the hatch. We’re entitled to this land just as much as they are. But now, as I was saying earlier, we’re needing some food, shelter and weapons. Well, we’ve located a nearby supermarket. Taking it over may give us some food, and it will at least give us some cover… That’s a hell of a lot better than these damn tents, soldiers. We can see that the Supermarket is currently being controlled by the Raider forces. However, the Raiders are in fact less active at night. They usually have a hunting party out at night and only one or two guards on post during the night. Taking them out should be easy enough, and then the rest of the Raiders inside should be easy to handle. Keep in mind though, that we’ve not got any info on what it’s like inside the supermarket. So keep your guard up. Also, take this radio. We’ve only got one for now, so just keep it with you. Give us updates and we’ll give you updates as well.”

 "Don't you think attacking one of their food sources would be a bit dangerous for just two of us?" Says Markas looking a bit concerned.

"You're the leader of your own team now, soldier. All you have to do is send in requests and we'll have you some men to help cover you with. Here is a list of what all you can get." says commander jameson as he gives them a list of soldier classes they could request.

On the list Markas and Jeremiah see Infanty, Medic, Stealth, Heavy and close quarters. After discussing the matter to themselves for a while they finally make a choice. "We'll take a medic" said Markas

"and we'll also need a stealth unit as well" said Jeremiah "No more and no less… we would not wish to be too noticeable to the other Raiders."

"That's a wise idea." says commander Jameson. He then signs up the papers and talks to a nearby soldier. The soldier walks off and shortly after, a Medic and a Stealth unit arrive.

Commander Jameson speaks with them for a moment and then points them over to Markas and Jeremiah. The Rogue looks to Jeremiah and says "We're to be assigned to your squad as you requested sir, just lead us and we'll do as you command."

After having gathered the team together, The rogue and Jeremiah don't exactly see eye to eye. Jeremiah won't let the rogue hold on to anything along the way, until they reach the supermarket. After taking out the two sentries posted at the door. The rogue and Jeremiah sneak onto the roof and drop in, taking two more by suprise.  The moment the first two Raiders fell, Markas attempted to shoot through the door in order to take out one of the raiders, but it hardly worked. Markas, Jeremiah, the rogue and the medic all worked together and fought to take out the raiders.

After the room was cleared, the group looked about the rooms to realize exactly how horrible this building was. along the walls and ceiling were hanging corpses and chained up bodies, slaughtered and butchered. Some of them had missing body parts, some of them had no skin, some had no muscle. It was a very gruesome scene to take in, and it was interupted by another Raider walking in from the back room. the group quickly apprehended him.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Begins Jeremiah, as he starts to interrogate the Raider. The raider remains quiet at first. Jeremiah raises a dagger to his throat and the raider begins to speak.

"I honestly don't like this place… if I tell you what all I know, will you please, let me live?" replies the Raider.

"That depends, do you know anything that's worth your life?" says Jeremiah.

The Raider then begins to sulk a bit and he says "These people here are terrible… I literally just joined, I was thinking about leaving them from the start, but.. I just couldn't. They're the only ones who will take me in right now."

Jeremiah then responds "If this is all that you know, then you're not offering much in exchange for your life. Tell me what they're doing here, where the leader of this place is and things along that line, and I MIGHT let you live." Jeremiah then brings the knife from the Raiders throat to holding it underneath his jaw.

"Okay, okay! The leader went out with a hunting party a while ago. they will probably be back in about ten minutes… and the things they were doing here… well.. if you look at the ceiling… they've pretty much been capturing people and… collecting their body parts. For what, I don't know… some of the Raiders believe it's for eating… I'd have to say it sounds about right.. There are mines in the back room. You can get to them pretty easily, and there's ammo and guns here as well… They also keep the freezer full of bodies… but they just emptied it not long ago… Look.. I swear that's all that I know. Just let me go.. and you'll never see or hear of me again. I promise." The Raider says this nearly crying now.

Jeremiah says "I know you'll never show up again. Now… you may live." The raider looks relieved and at that exact moment Jeremiah slides his knife back into the Raiders throat and takes his head off his shoulders. The others look at Jeremiah intently for a moment, but then decide it may have been for the better.

The group searches the facility and find several boxes of ammo and different body parts laying around… Though they don't take those, and they also find the mines the Raider spoke of. They take the mines and set a trap at the entrance of the supermarket in hopes of taking out the leader of this area.

Ten minutes rolls by, and the group stands waiting anxiously in order to see if their trap worked. As the hunting party came in, They heard a voice say "Who the hell put this here!?" and then a beeping noise followed by the sounds of metal being lifted up. "Keep your eyes open boys." continues the voice, "Someone's set traps here… Either that or the boys who were supposed to guard the entrance thought this would take their place." the rest of his group walks forward and the beeping noise goes off again. The voice then says "Oh crap! watch out!" the rest of his hunting party ends up getting blown up and the leader ends up becoming hurt from flying shrapnel. "whoever is in there, YOU'RE DEAD!" says the leader, looking up to the door.

The group comes out to fight the raider's leader and pretty quickly deal with him. They then loot the corpses and find ammo, some weapons and other useful things. They then Radio to Commander Jameson and tell him of their progress.

The military force moves down from the camp and enters into the market and begin to fortify defenses as quickly as possible. Commander Jameson orders that the mutilated bodies be given a burial and has soldiers set up beds and do a thorough clean-up of the market.

The next morning Commander Jameson tells Markas and Jeremiah that they're to be given new orders. However, the two members that worked with them previously will be needed on a different recon mission. The mission is to track down a caravan path that they've been taking and see where it leads.

After two more days of waiting, They met the new permenant addition to their team they requested. Her name is Dominique, and she appears to be attractive, even though she wears robes to hide most of her body. After getting to know her, she was rather cocky and untrusting of Markas and Jeremiah. This proved to be a hindrance.

The group then headed to find out what was at the end of the Caravan trail. After traveling all day, and beginning to head into the night, they came to a building.  they were tired and it was looking as though it may rain, so they took refuge inside.

After a bit of looking around, they found out that the place was overrun with horrible undead creatures called Ghouls, humans deformed by radiation and turned into feral monsters. They also found out that the building used to be a Biotech Facility.

Dominique almost got killed by running off on her own, running through several undead and having a trap go off on her. She hid in a closet and waited for Markas and Jeremiah. After they found her, she seemed.. reluctant to say it… but she apologized and began to think a bit better of Markas and Jeremiah.

When they went to the top floor, the met a man named Gordon, who for some reason looked a bit odd. He seemed undead, and he was also affected by the radiation in the same way the undead were, but he still had his mind intact. After he talked Markas out of removing his head. He asked for a favor. He needed to get out of there, but he wanted to make sure that his fellow workers from so long ago were put out of their misery.

The group re-assured Gordon that they'd taken care of all the undead, however they requested his assistance in searching the rest of the building, the also told him how they were a bit untrusting of him and believe he may have set more traps than he's letting on about. Gordon understood and took the group to the basement levels, where they were attacked by more undead and a Giant of an undead… it was pieced together by several bodies and yet it moved as though it was one.

After a fairly long drawn out battle. Dominique, Markas, Jeremiah and Gordon stood victorious. They went into the final room and inside they found several Radiation suits and different medecines. They also found a rather strange dagger in them. They almost overlooked the machine in the center of the room for all the valuables they were finding. However after collecting all they could hold. They approached the machine.

The machine began speaking to them and telling them it was a Biotech facility computer, designed to integrate a machine into a human body. Upon hacking the computer further they found that there was also an update station in this facility, but they didn't know what it was for. They attempted to leave the room, when the doors shut on them. And the computer said "please wait while scanning" after a moment the machine opened and set out a rather large tub full of blue looking water and 3 sources of light sitting in the bottom.

Markas looking at the computer and understood exactly what it wanted. He stuck his arm into the tub and pulled it out with a strange looking device that latched to his wrist called a Cyber Wrist. It then began to integrate into his body. Jeremiah then followed, though he was reluctant. And Dominique refused to stick her arm in the tub, until Jeremiah stuck hers in there for her.

After this, they checked the upgrade machine they found in the hidden room. It showed them that they couldn't access any upgrades until all malfunctions have been taken care of. Primarily three robots that managed to go way off of the targetted areas. The computer said it will once again resume upgrades when all the 3 robots have either been completely erased or the malfunction in their program has been taken care of. The also found some data cards to update their wrists.

They were fixing to leave when they realized it was still raining outside. Gordon told the group that the Radiation would not harm him and it'd be best if they waited for the rain to pass before heading out. So Dominique, Markas and Jeremiah decided to set camp for a while here.


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