Session Three

After heading back to Junk Town, they were approached by Sampson Thorne, who informed the group that there was still quiet a bit of things around the town they could attend to in order to gain some money.

They decided to put some of their goods in their house they just earned. Sell off some of the other gear, and got a good amount of money all together. They heard a rumor of one of their Recon Groups being at melody tower however, and began to head back to melody tower.. However before leaving Sampson asked the group to check on the town's Doctor, he believes that there's been some trouble going on in his office.

The group talked with Dr. Graves and found out that the towns been growing with drug addicts. The current ring leader of them all right now was Brock. It wasn't anything major, but he'd been trying to steal from the Doctor and trying to make a deal with him. The group approached Brock and Talked him out of his ways and showed him what it was doing not just to him, but to the rest of the town. Brock swore to not take another drug for the sake of abusing it ever again.

After this the group was approached by a girl named Lucy who said that her parents lived in Melody Tower and that her parents needed to get a letter from her. After a bit more of an extended introduction they found that she ran away from home, but she was plenty old enough to make decisions on her own. They agreed to deliver the letter on their way to Melody Tower.

The group decided to speak with Moira in order to get a hold of some extra gear before leaving. However, instead Moira asked them to help her with a few experiments. The group… reluctantly accepted this task.. As a result they gained some new abilities and were compensated for their troubles.

After finally getting everything together and helping out everyone who seemed to have a problem on the way. The group was headed out of the town when they noticed an older woman who had hurt her back and was picking up groveries. Jeremiah of the group decided to help her generously (He was taunted by Dominique) on her way to her house. After a while he realized what her problem was, he directed her to Moira to see if she could help out the old lady. And then finally they began towards Melody Tower.

On their way to Melody Tower, they were approached by a group of people posing as raiders. They only asked for food strangely enough as it was though (more like demanded for it). The group quickly ended their charade as a bunch of kids, and then told them to head towards a city and not to try this sort of trick again, that they never know when it could end up being people who would not allow them to live.

When they finally reached Melody tower they went and met with the recon group at last. They were told that they had to switch frequencies to avoid being found by the enclave and that Commander Jameson had ordered for all Recon groups to avoid returning to base. Some of the groups were in search of groups to help their cause and free their base. Others were just relaxing and were not even trying to help out the Regiment.

The group then agreed that they needed to search out for the aid of the Crimson Dragoons in order to help bring things under control with their regiment. They had no clue where it would have been however and decided that they may as well take care of other loose ends before attempting to find the Dragoons.

The group was leaving from Melody Tower when they were approached by a girl named Nayru. Nayru was a powerful shaman and she had been watching the groups progress, she decided it'd be a good thing if she followed the group. No one in the group denied her powers, she seemed quiet powerful in fact.

The group was on their way to Junk Town with it quickly getting darker as they traveled. When they began to sense something approaching them… it seemed rather intense… the atmosphere seemed to be almost able to strangulate someone with just this person's perssence alone and to make it worse this guy wouldn't show his face.

After the group traveled for a mile under this intensity, The pursuer finally showed his face. As he appeared, a gaze of death spread through the entire group, All except for Nayru that is. Everyone forsaw their own demise at the hands of this powerful warrior.

In the end however, it would appear that this mysterious warrior was able to be defeated, but not before turning to Nayru and yelling "I've still yet to complete my objective" as he said this he turned into a crimson color and charged her at such speed that when he was visible, his spear had already pierced her chest. He then effortlessly threw nayru into the air and then charged Markas. He was however stopped by Jeremiah's and Markas' Quick Reflexes, but found that it was merely a hologram that stood there. The Mysterious Warrior had gotten away.

"Ixis" Exclaimed the Hologram "That is my name. I've been after Nayru for quiet some time, glad that I could finally get my hands on her and take her down. However you all on the hand, You've all proven to be quiet strong… In fact I believe that the Devil Arms may have a better use for you all. If I were you however, I'd forget that we even met until we see each other next. Try and stay alive until then." The entire group seemed confused… and enraged by this, but without even noticing, Dominique had began to shine a blue-ish aura and had a spiritual pressure emanating from her. Suddenly they heard Nayru's voice as she confirmed what Ixis had told the group. He was in fact after Nayru, but he had no clue how powerful she really was. She passed her powers on to Dominique and would from time to time, lend them aid as a spirit whenever she could.

The group continued on to Junk Town saddened by their defeat and loss of a good person, however they continued to press onward. The group made it to junk town and saw it fit to get some rest. The next morning they were greeted by a man who was wishing to sell them vehicles. After quiet a bit of negotiating, Dominique finally scrounged up some "Gold" and gave it to the man. As they were driving off, Dominique revealed that it was only an illusion.

After this, the group decided to head after one of the robots the Biotech facility was saying had malfunctioned. The arrived there withing two days and when they entered, they realized it was abandonned. They went through 3 puzzles and had to fight… strangely enough… a living tree that resembled an ent. It was brought to life through the radiation.

After making it through the place, they entered into a room and found the robot they were looking for… When they stepped up to it and began reprogramming it. They began to fall down an elevator… After reaching the bottom, there stood several people armed to the teeth. They soon found out they had accidentally stumbled upon the Crimson Dragoons Hideout. Umbra Gardens was in fact a secret hideout and the group decided to join up with the Crimson dragoons, in return… The Regiment stuck in the hatch was to be helped out. But for now… they decided it best to rest up for a bit…


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