Session Three Point Five

After meeting up with the Crimson Dragoons, they agreed to help release the Regiment from under Enclave control. In return they were promised some new members into the Crimson Dragoons. The Crimson Dragoons required that the group did not go with them as they attacked the enclave guarding the hatch, as they did not want them to find out too much on their technology and advancements until they're better trusted members of the Crimson Dragoons.

At long last, the group had got Regiment #27 free from the enclave. As promised Dominique, Jeremiah and Markas became members right away, and most of the regiment joined up with them as well. Commander Jameson was recongized as a commanding officer inside the Crimson Dragoons as well, seeing how he had come to know much of sending out scout parties and giving orders to many troops, Also he had some combat experiences that are unique to him.

As the next order given to the group, they were to find out what lies outside of area #1. The group had two options, they could either check out a tunnel or a bridge and cross either one to get into a newer territory. They were to make contact with the Crimson Dragoons after entering either new territory.

The group chose to cross the bridge first, taking motorcycles with them as gifts from the crimson dragoons. When they approached the bridge, they questioned it's integrity and stability for it seemed rather broken down. When they climbed up on to the road, they began to hear a strange humming noise, but they continued to cross.

While they were crossing, an aircraft flew overhead of them and began to drop of enclave soldiers. They attacked relentlessly as Markas, Dominique and Jeremiah crossed the bridge. Until they reached the end of the bridge and were beginning to head down the ramp, they were cornered in by two spartan units. All of the enclave gathered around as they prepared to take them into custody as the bridges weight gave way.

The group awoke later to discover that they were in an enclave facility. They were given a slight interegation before being put into dark rooms, there they stayed for a day until they were awaken by several people who began to put them into chambers, they were then forced to sleep, except for markas who managed to fight off the sleeping gas for a little bit to hear the commander and taskmaster of the enclaves facility have a conversation. They then fell asleep.


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