Session Two

After waiting for the rain to pass, the group headed out into the wasteland desert The sun was bright, the ash storms never stopped and the desert seemed to continue on forever.

After Travelling for around 10 hours, the group finally found a building. They had thought it was the Raider's Armory, however, after entering, they found it looked to be a normal house… and it had no one inside of it.

As they tried to gain access to the houses functions through a terminal they discovered that for one, the place was trapped, this was discovered by one of the terminals exploding. The next thing they discovered was that there was a hidden elevatory.

After heading into the basement, they found plenty of signs of people having lived in the facility. However, none was present. They disarmed trap after trap searching for where the Raiders, weapons or anything could be. What they ended up finding a was a hall full of blood and gore.

After heading down the hall and entering into a room. They faced a room that had blood and bodies all over the place, chains hanging from the ceiling, weapons laying about and explosives scattered against the walls. In the center of the mess of bodies was a man standing with his back turned to the group. He was garbed in a strange Jade colored armor. He was also armed heavily with weapons that seemed to be supperior to any they have ever come across.

They attempted to talk with him, but instead got a rather strange answer. "Seeing how you all aren't acting hostile towards me, I'll grant you all a headstart. You'd better run, I warn you, if I catch you I'll have no choice but to kill." The group was confounded by this response. But as he said this he pulled out two magnums and pointed them towards the group. They could see he meant business.

The group ran away from the man in Jade armor. However they ended up coming to meet a Military Model Machine. The group was fixing to have to fight for their lives. until the man in Jade armor burst through all their barricades and traps. And then fought the machine himself. The group hopped on the elevator and rode it to the top floor and decided it best to NOT wait to see who won. Dominique however failed to escape without suffering a crippling injury.

After running for nearly an hour they found a cave that had some clean water that was running underground.  Markas stopped and applied first aid to Dominique and attempted to heal her up, but found that she'd actually suffereda pretty serious injury. She'd need to be carried for a good long while longer still yet.

While they were waiting for morning to come Markas was standing guard at the entrance and the man clad in Jade armor approached. They prepared for combat, however he said. "Hold your fire. I'm here to help you" The group was once again puzzled with him and proceeded to question his motives.

They found that man was from a special unit division of a faction called The Enclave. The Enclave was a group that was around from before the war. However the man in jade, was from their special until divison that was called Spartan. Essentially he is a slave within their group. He's forced to do the actions that he is commanded to do, by the AI inside of his Suit. Disobedience is almost impossible, However after his objectives are complete the AI in the suit shuts down. Allowing him to do as he wishes until he receives new orders.

The man gave them some better medecine and helped Dominique with her wounds further and then went about his own business. Jeremiah attempted to help out the man, but to no avail, he could not reprogram the AI, or anything to any effect. However he did give the Spartan an Idea.. and that was to create a stun gun or a gun designed to make people sleep so that he may avoid any unwanted casualties.

The Next morning the group attempted to contact their base in order to let him know of the current circumstances. They found that they couldn't get up with him however. They thought it may had been the Ash Storm or perhaps it was the simple fact that they're much further out then Commander Jameson intended for them to be.

They attempted to head to base, all the while sending out a few transmissions from time to time. After they reached the Biotech Facility they began to worry. They rushed to the Regiments base of operation to check on the status of everything, however found that the place was empty.. No casualties, no ammo… nothing. There was nothing there. They headed to the hatch however, to find a different story. There was definetly signs of struggle and as they approached the entrance of the hatch they found two of the Spartan units. The spartan units were found to be waiting for the Hatches to open, however they intended to wait until the Hatch was opened before going anywhere.

The group retreated for fear of being found out if they stayed any longer. They wondered about what all their options were. However after a while they remembered their Friend Gordon, and how he spoke of a pass that would allow him to get to a town called Junk Town.

 They found the pass and began through it at night. However they found that they weren't the only ones on this path. They had given it thought for only a few moments, about what all could be lurking in the night. However, they thought it better to hurry to get aid for the Hatch. Charging through the pass, they encounter several Razorclaws, they managed to kill quiet a few of them. However they didn't stop coming. They continued to press on while fighting as they ran. Until the got cornered in. When they were cornored they were assaulted by a Mother Razorclaw. They fought long and hard against the Razorclaw mother as several other little Razorclaws joined in trying to protect their mother.

After quiet some time the Mother finally fell and most of the other Razorclaws were intimidated by the group and they ran away. However a few stayed to fight and ended up falling just as their mother did.

After clearing the pass, they approached Junk Town just as Dawn had arrived. The Sun passed right through the hills of the wastes. the Dead trees off in the distance standing still and lifeless. Shrubs waving in the light stink of the breeze. The rays of the light passed right over Junk town and through it's cars, walls, metal beams and everything standing high up in the air. The town was definetly named correctly, but it stood as a way to help out their Regiment, as such the began to enter into the town.

When the entered, they were stopped by a man named Sampson Thorne. He said that he could see that the people in the group were of a good sort. As such, he only requested that they keep their noses out of trouble and there will be none. The group complied with this and began to speak with sampson to learn a bit about the town.

The found out the town had a bomb inside of it that was still active and that the people of the town are also at the mercy of a man named Symphony. The group had at first sought to disarm the bomb, but came into contact with a man named Mr. Burke who had other plans for the town. He wished to see it blown up. He offered the group a sum of 500 gold for it's destruction. The group however talked him into raising the stakes up to 800 gold.

The group decided it best to straddle on the ropes with this offer and attempt to save the town and get the money at the same time.. And then take out Symphony after receiving the money… all in one strike.  Three for the price of one.

The group Began by speaking with the towns Engineer who was a gnome named Moira. She was pretty Naive, but was also incredibley… Curious anyways… Moira decided it fit to give them both the Fuse Cutters and the Pulse Generator that was required for whichever way they wanted the bomb to roll.

They then went and made the bomb appear to be rigged to blow. They were paid with a surprise visit by Mr. Burke to see if the bomb is rigged correctly. After he was satisfied, they then disarmed the bomb and was approached by a rather curious Sampson Thorne. He saw that the bomb was rigged to explode, but was also disarmed now. The group tried to play it off as though the bomb was already like that due to Mr. Burke and that they were attempting to disarm it after he'd set it… Sampson didn't fall for this bluff, he knew what they were doing and didn't bother to scold them one bit for it… but he told them that he didn't like the well-being of the town to be triffled with. They then told him of their plan to strike at Symphony and he realized what they were doing.

Sampson then gave them the location of Melody Tower and the group headed that way. As they approached they saw it best to have Dominique wait and begin an illusion to make it appear as though the town is being blown up. Dominique agreed to this and said it would be wisest.

The group got in the tower and were troubled twice by David the head of Security and a hostess at the entrance of the hotel. They went up to the main suite and found symphony and Mr. Burke sitting out on a balcony.

After performing a rather impressive illusion in order to convince Mr. Burke and Symphony. They were paid and given a room in Melody's tower free of charge. They then decided to end the charade. Jeremiah snuck into Symphony's room as he slept and sliced his throat. As Markas talked Mr Burke into stepping out on to the balcony to help him make sure the correct amount of money was in their case.

As Mr. Burke counted the money, Markas exclaimed that for some reason a rope was tied on to the balcony and Mr burke became curious of it leaned over the edge and was shoved over it by Markas.

The group was then approached by a guard who strangely seemed releived to see that Symphony was dead. He told them that there is one more man they needed to take care of.

The group went down the stairs and spoke with Chris, the head of Security once more and said they were given an assignment and they were to be supplied with weapons from their armory. Chris complied and took them to the armory and allowed them to pick out weapons. As they were doing this the Guard came downstairs and acted surprised, said that there was an attacker on the roof of Melodies tower. And Mr. Burke began to fire at Symphony.

Chris was happy hearing this news and ran up to Symphonies room and edged to the balcony. He almost realized what was going on, but was double teamed over the balcony's edge hearing him screaming some rather profane words as he fell. They then informed Mrs. Valerie Melody that she was once again the owner of Melody Tower.

The group, after having performed several feats and taking out a king pin, then once more, set for Junk Town.


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