NPC- A quick tempered Spartan unit, though she's not as good as she lets on.


She was a rather new unit during the time in which the "man in the red overcoat" helped the spartans break free. She doesn't truly understand the torture of the pains that the spartans had to endure while they were performing their functions for the Enclave and as such only knows of their powers.

Even though she is much stronger than a mere person or someone else who's lived on the wastes. She still lacks experience and her perception and insight of people is still very weak. She actually believed Jeremiah and Dominique to be "Wimps" until she was able to witness their true fighting capabilties. This doesn't change her attitude for matters however.

She was merely a sentry for the hatch when they were stationed in Hatch #3, and has no real skills other than fighting.


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