NPC- a rather patient and understanding man who tries to save fighting for a last resort.


If Kane is attacked by an attack that is vs reflex if the attack is 6 off by 6 or more from his own reflexes then kane is presented with a special attack of opportnity.

 Kane's Intervention: If an attack that would be vs Kane's reflexes fails, check and see if it failed by 6 or more. If so then Kane gets to use their own attack against them.

Kane's Explosive prevention technique: If an explosive is used near Kane, then kane may attempt to intervene the explosive. He would roll against the person who used it's reflex. If he meets the reflex dead on than he will be the only one hit by the explosive. If he beats the enemies reflexes, then he will be able to decide to disarm and keep the explosive himself or quickly use it against the enemy who used it.

Kane's Machine Theft: If an enemy is using a vehicle of any sort Kane may roll to steal the vehicle from them. Doing so will allow him to assume control of the vehicle.

Spartan Command: When a spartan is in command of a vehicle all of the spartans stats are implied as the vehicles stats unless the vehicles stats are higher.


Not much is yet known about Kane, though he has shown his fighting expertise during the fight at the enclave outpost. He also has a knack for coming up with some rather "corny" lines and he seems a bit aggressive on the battlefield though he has the skills to back up and make up for the lines that he uses.

Kane also sells weapons and armor to peolpe in the Hatch, though now he'll be doing so on the groups vessel instead.


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