A Powerful mage trained in illusion who fights for her friends.


       Dominique was always a very bright student when it came to learning magic, ever since she was born she had a gift. As she was growing her parents were killed of… Unnatural causes. It caused Dominique to become very distanced from the world and she delved deep into the arts of Illusion, she felt as though when in an Illusion she could create and re-live moments over and over. After so long though, Dominique finally stopped with casting Illusions on herself and began learning to become a real wizard, though she always preferred being called a mage, and at that she varies from most wizards as well. Dominique was among the last to leave the Hatch and was with them when they re-sealed the Hatch to ensure that civilian’s would not be put in harms way. Her first Missions were ones to guard posts and camps, however she quickly became bored and sought to perform greater tasks. Most of the people she worked with didn’t like her much either though, due to her constant complaining and somewhat of a cocky attitude. So they “Suggested” that she be part of a recon group. Her powers were proven time and time again and her cocky attitude did have some merit to it, but she still pushes people back at times. As mentioned before, when she was young, her parents were killed before their time. She hardly speaks of it and requires someone to be… somewhat intimate with her before she will part with the details. However because of this, she pushed the world aside, literally… and tended to only care for herself, this lead to her not trusting others and becoming arrogant and full of herself. Dominique also has a dog named Frostbite, though she left the dog in the Hatch with a friend. The dog is a rare breed of dog that tends to live for longer than most elves, the dog was given to her as a pup from her parents and is the last attachment she has to her parents.

      Dominique was trained more or less by herself inside of the Hatch's Arcane Sanctum. She did have a few teachers, but most could not stand her. Even though she was a kid and her parents were killed, most other Eladrin just ignored her and would not take her in. As such, Dominique learned to become self-reliant. When Dominique reached age 80 (To Eladrin this is still young) She was offered special training for a ground force operation to help go into the Wastes when the Hatch opens up. She took this offer and as such became part of the Military force that the group is working under. Aside from her history, Dominique has no love interests as of yet.

      Her primary goal is to merely protect her and her friends as they explore the wastes. She also has a goal to become stronger so that she can better protect herself and her friends. She normally takes in all aspects of an encounter or a situation before making any moves, and her moves aren't always completely honorable, but they do help out the good people and the group for the better.

      Dominique can't stand when people do wrong and get away with it. Her insight is extremely high and she can tell when someone is telling a lie to her or trying to do others wrong. She herself however, can hide, move silently, hide items and things of the same sort, just as well as a rogue, if not just as well, then better when she uses an Illusion.


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