NPC - A ghoul that's still fighting for the world's survival.


Gordon worked for Biotech for a very long time. In fact, he was still working with them when the bombs dropped. At first he wasn't effected… but then slowly.. over time his skin began to decay, his hair began to fall out and several other things.. He went out and ventured into the small area surrounding him attempting to find something to reverse the effects of the ghoulification. But after several years of pondering and searching about the wastes (nearly 500 years to be exact) he returned to the biotech Facility he was originally working with.. Only to find the workers he had first worked with had gone insane and even further decayed then previously.

Gordon ended up being trapped inside of the Biotech Facility and working on cures, antidotes and vaccines. However, when Markas, Dominique and Jerrmiah showed up. They made his escape path possible.

He's now back to wandering the wastes..


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