A shaman whose wish is to bring justice to the world in the way she sees fit.


Nayru had actually been watching the group from a distance for quiet some time. However, she was unsure if they were of the sort that she wished to consort with. Dominique however, proved to be the one who she most familiarized with. Dominique wouldn't do anything bad to even an evil person unless they asked for it. And still she sought for a way to protect her friends and wished to become stronger if only to protect her friends. Nayru apperciated these traits about Dominique.

After watching the group for so long, Nayru saw that they were all like minded. She approached them on their second visit to Melody Tower and decided to join up with them.

However, as quickly as the had joined them. A mysterious warrior approached the group and fought them all. Nayru became a casualty of this lone warriors insane strength, but still Nayru found a way to live on inside of a person who closest resembled her spirit, Dominique… Dominique herself was quiet unsure of what happened. In fact Dominique is still not sure of what exactly is going on.

Nayru continues to live as an astral spirit in Dominique. Nayru passes on her wisdom to Dominique, and she herself can at times show herself in order to show how powerful she can be as a spirit.


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