Valerie Melody

NPC- Mercenary who fought for her love and family


She was at once known across the wastes for her acheivements and numbers of every creature that she slain, however. After a long while of fighting, she came across a small town that was in need of help. She and a few of the peopl from that town fought off several waves of what is now known as Super Mutants. After so long of receiving these attacks, they went into the Super Mutants home that was actually a hotel. After taking out all the Super Mutants, they found that the area they were living in, was actually quiet hospitible. They moved the small town into the tower and named it Melody Tower in honor of Valerie's Efforts. Valerie Married to the towns priest after this fight and has since then, been raising a family and retired from fighting.

After she moved the town to the tower, she no longer desired to be the leader of anything. She wished to simply hand it down to someone she could trust. She done so, giving it to a friend of chris'. He came up missing after only 2 weeks of ownership and Symphony appeared holding on to the deeds for Melody's Tower. Since then Symphony became the head, and attempted several times to see Valerie's Life ended, but never was able to kill her. Symphony instead gave up on her and increased the security of all of the tower and tended to stay on the roof of Melody's Tower. Valerie didn't do anything about Symphony because she knew that he would be the end of himself before too long. 

Valerie Melody

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