Tag: Junk Town


  • Sampson Thorne

    Sampon is a man who knows his priorities and fights to see that all the people of "Junk Town":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/collapse/wikis/junk-town are protected. He has a strong sense of justice and dislikes any who partake in criminal …

  • Burke

    Mr. Burke tried to offer [[:markas]] a hefty amount of gold in exchange for setting off a bomb. The offer was played off by [[:dominique_]] and [[:Jeremiah_]] as Markas tricked Mr. Burke into believing them.

    When they got to "Melody Tower":http …

  • Robert

    Not much is known currently about Robert.

    He is however, offering the group a 25% discount on any drinks they want to buy from him.

    Before Robert worked with [[:Jaina_]] it was [[:SampsonThorne]] who saved her many times before. However …

  • Jaina

    Jaina seems to be a friendly type though she tries to keep the towns prostitutes out of the Saloon if they start to flirt with the customers.

    Ironically her sister [[:Nova_]] is a Prostitute. Jaina's also been hit on by several guys, and in …

  • Nova

    Nova is a Prostitute from "Junk Town":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/collapse/wikis/junk-town, she is also the sister of [[:Jaina_]]. She's actually very... pretty and talented from what can be told about her.

    Nova seems to have a …

  • Moira

    Moira is a curious, engineer who's been kicked out of many other towns before and is very much so accident prone.

    She wishes to help out people and has asked the group to give her a hand with some of her projects, though the plans have been …

  • Dr. Graves

    Dr. Graves is a doctor living in Junk Town. He was a big worried about the people in the town, they were buying and stealing his medecine so they could get high. The group resolved this problem however, and in return he gave them some supplies.

  • Brock

    Brock was a man who depended on drugs and medecine to get himself through everyday life. However with Dominique, Jeremiah's and Markas' intervention, he was showed a different path and was taught the harm he could be causing everyone.

  • Remu

    Remu was a monster of a man who attempted to trick the group into getting him a prostitute so that he may have his way with her... and then have her for dinner as well.

    [[:SampsonThorne]] had him put down when the group captured him alive and …