Curuvar the Brazen

Tight lipped old wizard


When the party first met Curuvar in the Green Tankard Tavern, he was very suspicious of them and reluctant to share any information with them. When the city was invaded by Goblin raiders and the party played such a huge role in defeating them, Curuvar became a little more trusting.

It turns out that Curuvar is traveler who has supposedly seen all of Toril, but keeps coming back to the town of Loudwater. It is the only place he thinks of as home. Curuvar plunders tombs in search of priceless artifacts and sells them to Garwan, the Curiosity Shop owner. Curuvar got a hold of the Horn totem, a knife made out of one of the horns of the Ogre King.


Curuvar the Brazen

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