High Shaman Sancossug

Goblin Shaman with intentions of resurrecting the Ogre King


Sancossug sent dozens of his underlings to Loudwater to fetch the horn totem, a knife made out of one of the horns of the Ogre King himself. With this artifact, he could resurrect the Ogre King and unite the Goblin tribes of Southwood. He failed however, as Jerrmiah and Nayru thwarted the Goblin raiding party.

Sancossug and his tribe used the Ammarindar Dwarf ruins in Southwood as a base of operations and also for a new kingdom for the Ogre King to rule over upon his return. Again, however, Jerrmiah and Nayru thwarted his plans, killed Sancossug, and destroyed the remains of the Ogre King so he may never return to life.


High Shaman Sancossug

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