Brotherhood of Light

The Brotherhood of Light is a faction much like that of the crimson dragoons, they both have a similar interest, and that's the make the world better than it was before, however, they both have different views of that. While the crimson dragoons beleive it will take everything to make the world whole again, the Brotherhood of Light believe that technology is the source of evil and corruption that put the world in the situation it is in now.

The Brotherhood of Light has a long drawn out grudge against the Crimson Dragoons, and does just about everything differently than them. They believe in celebrating every victory and having people thank them for their efforts. They also beleive that the only thing that matters is to take care of the big matters and to crush the evil of the world out of existance.

Members of the Brotherhood of Light could be called… Technophobe's… They don't want to have technology on the world anymore and as such have been destroying it… though they do say that some Machines and some tools are "Sanctioned" and are allowed to be used.

All in all, this faction wishes to see a new world without any technology in the future and beleive it'd be best to have it that way.

Brotherhood of Light

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