Devil Arms

The Devil Arms are a faction full of people who have outrageous powers. They each seem to be extremely strong, even their initiates acheive powers that are overwhelming. Markas, Jeremiah and Dominique seemed to encounter these people, first bumping into Ixis who easily killed one of their new companions and nearly killed all of them, and then by running into a few of their lackey's who gave them trouble at an enclave outpost.

It would seem the Devil Arms will form an alliance with any who can give them things they may need and to move more so freely. Though their intentions are unknown to anyone, their power is incredible and their intentions can't be good.

The Devil Arms launched an all out attack against all of those living in Area #1 and killed all of the people in the area… though for some reason Nova was seen on Toril… in any case, during the attack Markas grabbed a hold of a strange sword and began to gain great powers, at the top of melody tower Markas betrayed Jerimaih and Dominique and almost killed them both.

Current Known Members:

Devil Arms

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