Raiders are in fact human, and they do have feelings, care and all that jazz, however they just don’t care anymore about human life and seek to try and make a living of their own in any way possible. As long as they can kill people that is. They were named for exactly what they do. They Raid towns, villages, cities and everything else they possibly can, taking people hostage and taking them into slavery. No one is really sure what happens to the people who are captured though.

Many said at first that the Raiders were just people who simply did what they pleased and really didn’t care about the other Raiders, more or less saying that they weren’t all allied. However, after a lot of observation it was disproved, the Raiders were all working together to accomplish different various tasks.

The Raiders do have towns though and cities, and if you come in looking like a Raider then you might just be able to use their towns and cities to your advantage. The Raiders have things hidden in all their bases and facilities, but some of these places are just too thick to be cracked open. “Raider’s Getaway” is a perfect example. A whole army charged in there and still couldn’t get deeper inside than the 3rd wall.

Raiders travel in groups, caravans, platoons, armies and everything of the sort. Usually their size tells you what they’re after. Groups and caravans are usually just traveling and going to scavenge, platoons are for towns and armies are for cities.

Raiders can be bargained with though, however most of the time they will not be willing to do so. Generally speaking however, Raiders are pretty frail and can easily be taken out, though their true powers tend to lie in numbers, not in toughness.


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